The objective of our Spanish courses in Valencia is to help you express yourself more fluently in Spanish language.

Students learn how people use the language in real life, how they speak to each other in the street, how they socialize. Students develop skills that they can immediately practise outside the classroom. Our students enjoy studying Spanish language courses in Valencia. 


Spanish Courses Valencia

Spanish courses in Valencia

Our Spanish School in Valencia concentrates on all of the fundamental Spanish language learning skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

We have Spanish courses in Valencia for different age ranges: adults, teenagers and juniors, and for all levels. Classes are either in the morning or afternoon, in small groups, with each lesson lasting 55 minutes.

Our Spanish courses include: Spanish course chosen, Informative dossier, Classroom material and book, Study tutoring, Use of common rooms, Level test, Free Internet connection, Academic report and Certificate of studies.

All classes are given in Spanish. In general the number of students per class is between 6 and 10 and each lesson lasts for 55 minutes. Since the groups are small in number, the teacher is able to deal with the specific needs of each student on a more personal basis.

The Spanish language courses in Valencia, also aim to integrate students into our culture. Visits to cultural centres, museums, other towns, etc. are arranged, in an attempt to ensure that all students are fully immersed in Spanish life.

Espanole’s Spanish courses in Valencia help you to express yourself more fluently in Spanish. Call +34963530404 or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) us for more details.