The most typical fruit from Valencia

You know what...


Today we are going to talk about a typical fruit from Valencia, a fruit that makes us special, you can find it in our Spanish school in Valencia. Have you already figured out what we are talking about? Yes, oranges!

In Spanish, according to the RAE (the Royal Spanish Academy, which is responsible for approving the language) we have various definitions or the word “naranja”.

  1. Round juicy fruit, with a diameter measuring from 6cm to 8cm, rough skin, with a colour in between red and yellow, like its inside which is divided into sections. It is edible, juicy and has a slight acidic taste.
  2. Cannon bullet used in the past, the size of an orange.
  3. Pigment used to make the colour orange.
  4. Name of a colour, similar to that of a ripe orange and is placed in second position in the light spectrum.
  5. Of orange colour.

Apart from this, we have a saying which is “media naranja”, literaly translated is means half an orange, but for us it has a deeper meaning.

The RAE defines this as:

“Person that is so similar to the likes and personality of another, that can be seen as one´s half.”

We want to explain it further: Have you ever felt that someone else fits perfectly with you? Someone who passing time with is so simple and interesting? Someone with such similar taste to yours that it feels unreal?

They are your “media naranja”! Being someone´s “media naranja” is super special. It means that other person is really, truly comfortable with you as you are with them and especially, HAPPY!

Are you someone’s “media naranja”? Have you ever found you “media naranja”?

See you around the school!