10 reasons why you should learn Spanish in Valencia

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Would you like to learn Spanish?  Are you looking for the perfect city to study Spanish?  Don´t even think about it a second longer – the answer is very easy……. Valencia is your city 🙂  Here, you have 10 reasons why you will fall in love with Valencia and learn Spanish at the same time.

  1. Valencia, the perfect city  Here you will find all you need to learn Spanish, and you will never get bored while you are learning.  Fun and the opportunity to learn in the same city.  Get ready to get to know this great city and fall in love with it – there´s no turning back!
  2. Sun and sand  The summer is here and we all love to enjoy the fine weather and the wonderful Mediterranean Sea on the Malvarosa beach.  In Valencia, you can always enjoy the sun and very good weather 365 days a year.  Books and the beach always go well together.
  3. A mouthwatering city  The perfect accompaniment to learning Spanish in Valencia is always a good paella, the city´s most typical dish which will surely delight all your senses.  There is nothing better in this life than to be able to enjoy a good paella in the company of your friends or family in extra special places like La Albufera or any place not far from the beach.
  4. Valencia is a young city with many students  It´s one of the top cities increasingly chosen by students in order to learn Spanish, so you will feel at home while making lots of friends to practise your Spanish.  It´s a city which offers a great range of things to do culturally where everyone leaves their mark.
  5.  Valencia is a charming city  Widely diverse neighbourhoods, delightful streets, unique landscapes – all things considered, a very multicultural city where you will be able to learn Spanish on every corner and at each moment.  The maritime district of El Cabañal, the City of Arts and Sciences or the streets of El Carmen are unique places to practise your Spanish.
  6. You can discover other cities  Valencia is a city with very good transport connections with big cities in Spain like Madrid and Barcelona thanks to the network of trains and planes.  As well as the large number of beautiful towns that you will find throughout the Comunidad Valenciana, you will be able to travel and discover many cities with ease.
  7. Valenciaparty time  Apart from learning Spanish there is also time to enjoy yourself in this city.  You will be able to find some of the most important and attractive festivals anywhere in the world like Fallas, where you can enjoy the firecrackers and the enormous effigies erected in the streets or the festival of La Tomatina in which you can take part in a real `battle of the tomatoes´ like you´ve never seen before!
  8. Valencian culture  In Valencia, you will be able to enjoy and learn a lot about its culture thanks to the great number of museums and activities of all types that there are within the city itself.  There are museums for every aspect of life, cinemas, conferences, music and open-air festivals, etc.  With all these great facilities, it´s truly wonderful to learn Spanish in Valencia.
  9. Valencia is your perfect city  If you want to learn Spanish, Valencia is your city.  You´re will find good weather, good people and lots of outdoor activities, festivals,……  In short, a great number of ingredients which all go together to make Valencia the perfect city to learn Spanish.
  10. Valencia, the perfect city to learn Spanish  Españolé Ih Valencia, Spanish language school for foreigners, is the best language school in the city to have fun while learning to speak Spanish.  We take trouble that, apart from learning Spanish, you get to know and enjoy all that we have been telling you that you will find in Valencia.  Moreover, we are right in the city centre.  It´s a perfect place to soak in the great atmosphere of the city, both by day and by night.

For all these reasons, we are sure you are already thinking about packing your suitcase and coming to Valencia to learn Spanish.  It is your perfect city where you will manage to learn a new language in a unique atmosphere.

Hurry, we´re waiting for you in Valencia with everything prepared so that the experience will be unique and unforgettable!  And we assure you that you will learn Spanish in the best way possible.  Experience it for yourself – don´t rely on others to tell you about it!

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