Advice on how to be able to choose the best school to learn Spanish in Valencia

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Perhaps you´ve been thinking for a while of using your time off work or study or your holidays to go abroad with the aim of learning a language, immersing yourself in the customs of another country and living out a new experience that enriches you as a person.  However, sometimes taking this step is hard because we don´t know how to do it or we have insecurities that hold us back from stepping out of our comfort zone where we have family, friends and routines that help us feel safe.

But the truth is no matter how many films you watch in Spanish or courses you do online, you won´t be able to learn everything that a language as rich as Spanish can offer you if you don´t get to know it first hand, living in Spain and practising it every day with native speakers.

If in the previous article we gave you the essential reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia, in this one we give you some of the reasons why Españolé is the best school in which to learn Spanish.  One of them is that it belongs to International House World Organization group (IH), an organization that is to be found in the top world ranking for language teaching and with which it shares the philosophy of offering personalised attention to students, dealing with their doubts and queries during each session and adapting itself to their learning needs.

But why choose Españolé as the school in which to learn Spanish?  We will now go on to give you the main reasons why Españole is the best choice to study Spanish in Valencia.

Native qualified teaching staff

All teachers who form part of the Españole team are natives who have university studies, which is why they are totally qualified to teach students Spanish using the best educative methods.  In addition, classes are small, with a maximum of 10 students in order to give personalised attention to each student.

Location in the historic old part of the city

Españole is going to move its teaching facilities to the heart of El Carmen, one of the most central and historic parts of Valencia.  The location of the school enables students to integrate more easily into the atmosphere of Valencia because they will have within easy reach a large number of businesses, restaurants and shops in order to get to know the Spanish way of life.  As well as that, students in El Carmen will get to know the wide range of choice there is to socialise and go out with their schoolmates because this neighbourhood is the meeting point for students who live in Valencia.

Activities that connect with Spanish culture

As well as teaching Spanish in class, Españolé considers that during the students´ stay in Valencia they should immerse themselves in Spanish culture, get to know the city and talk directly to local people in order to improve their Spanish.  Therefore, the school organises daily activities that range from museum visits to `tapas crawls´, and cookery classes to sports activities, such as beach volleyball games and football matches.

Taking part in activities outside the classroom is necessary to learn a language because in that way students can experience real-life situations and communicate in the language they are learning.

What other students say

Apart from the certification testifying to the quality of teaching at Españolé, our students´ opinions are the most important thing and what motivate us to move forward and improve each and every day.  Among the opinions of those students who have experienced learning Spanish in Valencia, all agree that it has been a very positive experience that has helped them mature and learn the language and, above all, get to know Spanish culture at first hand.

A wide variety of Spanish courses Valencia

As we have said, the aim of Españolé is that you learn to speak Spanish fluently in the least time possible using methodologies based on a communicative approach to help students to manage in real, everyday situations and enable them to communicate with and maintain a fluent conversation with local people.

Españolé offers different Spanish courses Valencia to cater for the needs of each student:  from general Spanish classes, preparation for official exams, business Spanish and courses for families to learning Spanish while doing work experience in a company or doing voluntary work.

We help you to find accommodation

Don´t worry about accommodation while you study Spanish!  Españole offers all its students safe and comfortable accommodation, guaranteeing that your stay will be top quality.  For this reason, all accommodation is to be found no more than 25 minutes from the school by public transport, thereby saving unnecessary travelling time.

The type of accommodation will depend on the students and their requirements; therefore, they can stay in the hall of residence, in a shared apartment with other students, in hotels or with host families.

These are some of the reasons for which Españolé is the best school in which to learn Spanish in Valencia.  Now it´s up to you to get yourself ready, pack your bags and live the experience!  We´ll have the paella on for you!